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Cottingham Family Dentistry, in Columbia, SC, offers general dentistry as well as other services. We also serve Blythewood, SC and surrounding areas. No matter your age, good oral hygiene is extremely important for everyone. This is the practice of keeping the mouth and teeth clean in order to prevent such issues as cavities, tooth decay, infections, and gingivitis. Poor oral hygiene has been linked to diabetes, sleeping disorders, and respiratory infections due to gum bacteria. There are a few procedures in general dentistry that can assist in maintaining good oral hygiene and be used as preventative measures to keep your mouth clean and healthy.

• Basic Cleanings - It is very important have a frequent focus on having plaque removed from you’re your teeth and gums on an occasional basis. Cleanings should be scheduled every 6 months or so. This can prevent gum disease, tooth decay, etc.

• Fillings – Along with cracked, damaged, or broken teeth, fillings are used to treat cavities. Areas of decay will be removed and "filled" with a tooth-colored filling.

Tooth Extractions – For severely damaged teeth, tooth removal may be needed. With recovery time typically being only a few days, this procedure is well worth the damage it prevents in the future.

Root Canals - When a tooth is badly decayed or becomes infected, a root canal may be the best treatment. Without the treatment, the surrounding tissue may become infected.


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